Name: A girl has no name. just kidding, my name is all over this site.

Age: 36  


Height: short


Weight: ...a minute mr. postman.


Hair: brown, and lots of it.

Eyes: green.

Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana


Education: BA in Theatre&Drama from Indiana University




While living in Chicago, I was rewatching old episodes of the SyFy channel's now bygone show FACE-OFF and came upon season 4 winner, Anthony Kosar (SPOILER ALERT). I recalled he was from the area and looked to see if he taught any classes. Sure enough, he has a school in Westmont, a suburb just outside the city. So I signed up and took a mask making class. His school is fabulous. The info for it is on the links page. The rest is history, they say. Whoever they are. I returned to my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana and started my career from scratch. I set up a makeshift studio in the basement, made masks, and started experimenting with makeup. I'd take photos, to build a portfolio. After a year or so, I was commissioned to build some props for a show. It was a one-off gig, but I'd discovered another medium I never knew I loved. FOAM. Turns out, there's quite the market for fabricators of foam. They even have a title. Foamsmith. Brilliant. I slowly began to pick up momentum, as a makeup artist, a mask maker, and a props artisan. I've had several commissions, from individuals wanting a custom halloween costume, to theatre companies requiring eccentric items or reimagining beloved characters. As of 2019, I've been a freelance artist for five years. 

My repertoire has expanded since I started. I design and style wigs, build cosplay armor and construct costumes, and have even built a few parade puppets. Additionally, I specialize in makeup transformations, which if you check out my work (and I hope that you do), you'll see quite the range of faces. I mostly transform myself, as I know my own face best, it's easy to schedule myself, and I'm pretty awesome to work with. So I'm told. By me. I've told myself I'm awesome to work with.

But I can and have done other people's faces. If you're interested, let me know.


Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a message. Or if you have a commission, that's even better. Nothing I've built is explicitly for sale, but that certainly won't stop me from selling it if you find something that you've always wanted. So let me know. And if I haven't built it yet, let's chat. Maybe I can. If you're on social media, I have links to my facebook and instagram. And if you have any interest in seeing my former life as an actor, you can find all that at nicolethebruceactor.com