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 I am a freelance makeup artist, prop artisan, mask masker, wig stylist, costume fabricator and foamsmith. 


I specialize in makeup transformations. Most of my portfolio is my own face, though occasionally a special guest will drop by and I'll transform them too. 

My home is in the theatre, though I have contributed my services toward film, I prefer to work and build for live shows, as I've found a greater need in theatre for the work that I do. 


Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a message. Or if you have a commission, that's even better. Nothing I've built is explicitly for sale, but that certainly won't stop me from selling it if you find something that you've always wanted. So let me know. And if I haven't built it yet, let's chat. Maybe I can. If you're on social media, I have links to my facebook and instagram.


And if you have any interest in seeing my former life as an actor, you can find all that at


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